A new member joining your family is an important milestone, one that deserves to be captured. If you already have children though, you may want to include them in the shoot for various reasons. For one, it’s wonderful to have photos of everyone in your family together. Including siblings also helps them feel loved and included as […]

Sleeping newborn photography session

Are you worried that your baby might not cooperate during your newborn photography session? As a Phoenix based newborn photographer I have a few tips and tricks that I can share with you to ensure that baby is happy during your entire session! Six tips to keep baby happy for newborn pictures: 1.Make sure your […]

keep baby happy during pictures

In most instances, one partner does the research and schedules a newborn photo session. If this is the case for you, you may want to take the time to prepare your partner for your upcoming shoot. A newborn session is always more relaxed and positive if both parents know what to expect. Here are some tips […]

newborn session preparation

First-Timer Guide: How to Keep Your Baby Calm During a Photo Session Newborn photography sessions are a wonderful experience, but as a new parent, you might be worried about what you can expect and what to do if your baby isn’t happy during the shoot. Your photographer is there to assist and guide you, but it still […]

newborn session with mom and baby

Ok, Just need a moment to gush over this sweet baby girl and her beautiful newborn photography session! I am just in love with it all! Once you look through this post, I think you will understand and agree with me. Based off a few inspiration images that mom had sent me prior to their […]

How to Get Your Newborn Photos to Match Your Home One of the main reasons for scheduling a newborn photo session is to display the photos for all to see. How do you decide which photos would look best in your home though? The process of picking photos starts before the actual shoot. Prior to […]

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