How to Get Your Newborn Photos to Match Your Home

newborn photography wall art

How to Get Your Newborn Photos to Match Your Home

One of the main reasons for scheduling a newborn photo session is to display the photos for all to see. How do you decide which photos would look best in your home though? The process of picking photos starts before the actual shoot.

Prior to scheduling your shoot, it’s important to consider how you would like to display the images in your home. In fact, your photographer will more than likely ask you this question anyway. Ideally, your photos should complement the interior and colors in your home. This is why it’s essential to meet with your photographer before your session. Here are some additional tips to help you find the perfect balance between your décor and your newborn wall art.

Pay attention to your photographer’s style.

 Before you hire a photographer, ensure their style is what you’re looking for. Opt for a style that’s timeless – this usually involves neutral tones and minimal props. This way, you can move your photos between homes without worrying about whether it matches your décor.

Consider your personal style.

 If you don’t see yourself displaying newborn photos indefinitely, look at the current style of your home and plan your shoot accordingly. Your personal style will also play a role in choosing your photographer. Don’t forget to look at frame sizes and styles before you make any final decisions for your newborn shoot.

Where do you plan to display your photos?

 It also helps to have a good idea of where you want to display your photos. Some shots are best displayed as large prints, while others can be smaller but grouped together. Naturally, if most of your photos will be added to an album and one or two smaller frames in the nursery and bedroom, deciding on a display isn’tnecessary.Along with ensuring your newborn wall art matches your home, speak to your photographer about the different printing options. There is no reason to go with traditional prints if you don’t want to – there are so many other unique options to consider too.

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