Top three tips for the best cake smash photo session!

Outdoor Cake Smash at Skyline

Your baby’s first birthday is a big deal! They have completed their first trip around the sun and will be a whole year old. Sure, your baby won’t remember turning one, but you certainly will! As a Buckeye cake smash photographer, here are the top three tips for ensuring your baby’s photo session is a SMASH!

1. Pick a theme

When choosing a cake smash theme, consider choosing something that matches their room decor or your house decor. This will allow your images to look good in your home no matter the season or how much time passes by. Consider the colors on your walls, if you have soft neutral wall colors, you likely won’t want hot pink or neon colors hanging on your walls!

2. Choosing the cake

Some photographers will include a cake with the session. However in the event of allergies , I believe it is safest for the parents to decide on and to order the cake for the smash. When ordering the cake, consider colors that will be used in the set. Take the theme into consideration too. Sometimes less is more and a simple cake is all that’s needed! Be sure to pay attention to the size of the cake as well! A professional baker should know the perfect size for a smash cake! Just don’t assume they know, be sure to ask!

3. Get a few images before baby gets messy!

Ask your photographer to capture a few images of baby on set before the cake is added! Once the cake is introduced, you can bet it will get messy. Having a few clean pictures will be the perfect addition to your final gallery. Once you have those shots, let the fun begin! Sometimes baby’s might need a little encouraging to make a mess. Don’t be afraid to dip finger in the frosting to give your baby a taste.

Looking for a West Valley cake smash photographer? Feel free to message me or check out my website!

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