7 Christmas-Themed Photoshoot Ideas to Try with Your Kids

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is a few weeks away, but it means it’s safe to start getting excited about all of the colors, festivities, and above all else, the photo opportunities. If you love taking photos of your children, you’re probably already dreaming up a few photo ideas for the holidays. I have a few to get you started. Here are my top 7 Christmas photoshoot ideas!

What’s Christmas without cookies

If you have a little one who loves cookies, dress them up in a cute outfit! Or even like an elf and capture them stealing a few of the cookies you’ve left out for Santa.

All that glitters

If your children are slightly older, you can get some beautiful shots by simply adding a little glitter to the mix. To capture this unique shot, zoom in and get your child to blow beautiful glitter out of their hand.

Dress the trees

Have a lovely tree outside or live near a park? Dress your kids up, decorate a portion of the tree with brightly-colored baubles and get them to pose underneath it.

Elves love pillow fights

For something more playful, dress your kids up in striped pajamas to fit in with the Christmas theme, add some bunting to the room and get them to have a playful pillow fight while you capture the action.

Santa’s sleepy helper

If your child is still little, you can capture so many cute shots of them while they sleep. From placing them on top of a red Santa sack stuffed with pillows to capturing them fast asleep on a children’s Christmas book. There are lots of ways to get some sweet, sleepy shots.

The baker

Of the many things that are great about Christmas, food is one of them. So why not take your camera into the kitchen and capture your children baking in their Christmas hats.

The reindeer and his friend

If your pets are a big part of your life, get your children and your pets to wear a pair of reindeer antlers and capture a few fun, giggly shots. 

Christmas is such a fun, colorful time of the year that it’s almost impossible to run out of inspiration for your photos! Once you get going, you’ll soon think of many more ideas that you and your children will love. Have some Christmas Photoshoot ideas that aren’t listed above? Share them in the comments!!

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