6 Tricks to keeping your newborn happy during your session

keep baby happy during pictures

Are you worried that your baby might not cooperate during your newborn photography session? As a Phoenix based newborn photographer I have a few tips and tricks that I can share with you to ensure that baby is happy during your entire session!

Six tips to keep baby happy for newborn pictures:

1.Make sure your baby is well fed before the session. Try to schedule the photos around feeding time. If your baby has a full belly, that usually equals a happy baby.

2. In addition to that, you should also be sure your baby has a fresh, clean diaper. No child is cooperative sitting in a dirty diaper. This may seem like an obvious tip, but in the rush of everything, sometimes we forget the basics.

3. We mentioned this before, but it is important, so I’m saying it again: bring a pacifier to your session. Even if you are not allowing your child to regularly use one, it will be good for a short time just to help him or her calm down during this time of potential stress. If your baby starts to fuss and we cannot stop the crying by other means, this will typically help ease the baby’s nerves. 

4. Keep your baby warm. Newborns are used to being in a small, warm place. That’s where they’ve been the past nine months, and they are uncomfortable when they are cold. We like to keep our studio warm on session days for this reason. If we are doing a session at your house, we suggest bumping the heat up as well. We will also have plenty of blankets handy for in between photos.

5. I suggest playing soft music or white noise to create a soothing environment for your newborn.

6. This is probably the most important thing to note: be OK being a part of the photos. If your child is not cooperating with the session, the best way to soothe her is to hold her and rock her to let her know everything is OK. Sometimes babies just need to be held. This will help your baby feel secure and happy during pictures!

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