Is a Cake Smash Shoot Safe for My Baby?

A cake smash photo session is one of the cutest ways to commemorate this special milestone. However, many moms are worried about whether they should be letting their little one eat cake at such a young age.

Here’s the reality.

The majority of babies eat little to no cake at all during a cake smash shoot. It does get messy, but they hardly consume any of it.

If you are still feeling concerned, here are some other things you should know:

  • A little bit of sugar won’t harm your baby. In fact, babies already know what sweetness tastes like. If you have ever tasted breast milk or formula, you would understand how this is possible. 
  • You can choose what cake to include. If you would prefer to include a cake with less sugar, have one made. There are many bakeries that offer sugar-free or paleo cakes and cupcakes, which contain much less sugar. 
  • It doesn’t need to be a cake. It might be called a cake smash, but you can turn this photo session into anything you want to. Think healthy, messy foods – there are so many great options to choose from. Plus, if your child has, or might have allergies, you will need to consider alternatives anyway.
  • Focus on the memory. If you are worried about how much sugar your child might consume, know that these shoots go by quicker than you might think. Your child won’t have enough time to consume as much sugar as you are imagining. Try to focus more on the memories you are creating than the cake your little one is digging into. 

The bottom line on a Cake Smash?

Do whatever is going to cause you the least stress. There is no need to have a cake smash to capture your child’s first birthday. There are countless other photo themes that you can use – just ask your photographer. 

One thing stands though – you will never regret hiring a professional photographer to capture this special milestone.

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