This month has been sooo insanely busy! I never knew the term “Maycember” until I had a school-ager, and let me tell you..its exhausting!! From end of season sports to graduations and prepping for summer. It feels like we have something every single day!! Here is a little peek of what we have been up to this month!!

Disney Date Night

The fist week of May, my husband and I took our very first kid free, over night date night since our daughter was born (almost six years!) We spent the night at Disneyland for the Disney After Dark Starwars Night. We had a blast together. I love my husband and getting to spend quality time with him. Since he is a total Starwars nerd, he really loved getting to experience the park full decked out with Starwars characters, special foods, and fun photo opportunities. 10/10 stars, would do again!!

Kindergarten Graduate

I must have blinked because all the sudden my baby isn’t such a baby anymore! It feels like just yesterday I was dropping her off for her very first day of Kindergarten and now I have dropped her off for her very last day. When she comes home this afternoon, she will be a first grader! That’s been a hard one for me to accept. No matter what she will always be my baby. I am so beyond thankful for the amazing teachers she had this year. They helped her grow in so many ways and showed her such love and patience each day.

Taking Home the Gold!

Our daughter has been practicing cheer since the beginning of the year. Two weeks ago they participated in a virtual completion. This past Monday was their showcase where they got to perform for family and friends. This is also where we got to learn how they did at competion and what place they took home. Her and her team took home 1st place in her age division!! They were all so excited to receive their medals!! I am so proud of her committing to her team till the end of the season. She enjoyed every second of it but has decided that she wants to try ballet now. So that will be our next adventure!!


My middle sister, Amanda, also graduated high school this month too!! She graduated exactly 10 years after me! I swear my own graduation doesn’t feel like it was that long ago. I am very proud of her and her accomplishments. She was a very active high school student and involved in many extra curricular activities. After a lot fo careful consideration, she has decided to join the Marines and will ship off this fall.

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