What is a Milestone session? Why do I need one?

three month old milestone portraits of baby boy.

Hi there! Have we met?

Before we jump into what a milestone session is, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Christina Katelyn the owner and photographer of Motherhood by Christina Katelyn. I originally started as wedding photographer. Soon after we bought our current house that allowed me an actual studio space, I quickly found that my passion. And that is maternity and newborn photography. I’m a mom who truly values quality photography of my own little girl. I love being able to proudly display her growth on our walls in beautiful and tasteful ways. It’s like an extra avenue to brag about my amazing child, because what mom doesn’t love to show off their kids?!

What is a “milestone session”?

As a maternity and newborn photographer in the West Valley, I have found one of the best ways to continue to celebrate your little one is by scheduling regular portrait sessions to document your baby’s growth. Baby’s grow so incredibly fast in the first year of life alone. they go through the most changes in the least amount of time. That is why I decided to create a new session type within my photography business called “Milestone” sessions. These sessions are reliably short and sweet and are perfect for capturing your baby at three months, six months, nine months, and of course one year old! Something I still do with my daughter is annual portrait sessions to celebrate her birthday each year.

What can I expect from a milestone session?

Upon booking a milestone session, you can expect to receive a client guide PDF via email. This guide is full of all kinds of helpful tips and tricks to planning a successful milestone session. Your little one will get 30 minutes in studio and a full gallery delivered right to your email for you to choose the images that you absolutely love. Even if its all of them!! The average milestone gallery contains about 25 images of pure cuteness! From there you can decide how you would like to use your images. Personally, I love to invest in wall art. It creates a tangible memory that can be physically passed down. While I do still love the digital aspect and the ease of being able to share those precious images with friends and family, there is nothing quite as exciting as creating beautiful wall art that I can use to decorate my home with.

Digital to custom wall art

If the thought of designing wall art or an album sounds intimidating, fear not! I LOVE putting together customizable pieces of wall art for my clients. Send me a picture of the wall your wanting to dress up. Maybe even share a little bit about what you are wanting to create. After that, I will take it from there.

Is a milestone session for you?

All in all, a milestone session is probably for you if you if you:

  • Have a little one who is growing quicker than you can believe
  • You want to remember every second of them being this little.

If you want more ideas for some inspiration of what to do for your Childs milestone session, check out my Pinterest! I have tons of examples from past sessions that are sure to spark your creative side!! To learn more about the portrait services I offer, check out the home page on my website.

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