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Being a Maternity and Newborn Photographer

Starting my photography business was one of the scariest things I have ever done. Choosing to be my own boss, setting the standards and expectations, and leaving the security of a set pay check. But let me say, it has turned out to be one of biggest blessings in my life! I thank God for allowing me to serve my clients the best that I know how. For helping me grow my skills and talent. Most importantly, allowing me to put my family first while still providing an income. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been so rewarding being a maternity and newborn photographer. Especially when I see reviews form my incredible clients like these:

Newborn portrait photographer in Phoenix, Arizona. Five star review. "If you are looking into getting any photo sessions please book with Christina!"
Phoenix baby photographer. Five star review.

My “Why”

Instead of offering a variety of packages, I want to make sure each and every family that books these precious moments with me get the same experience across the board. To me it is important that everyone gets my highest level of service not matter what. That means making sure each newborn session includes “baby’s first family portraits” and each maternity session gets a chance to take family portraits one last time before baby is born. Pregnancy only lasts up to 9 months and regardless of if you have more children one day. You will never expense THIS pregnancy again. My husband and I missed our opportunity to have maternity portraits taken. We don’t even have a selfie of us together with the bump in the shot. This is my biggest regret. It is a time we will never get back and can only rely on our own memories to preserve it. If you take anything away from this post and you are currently expecting, stop what you are doing, grab your partner, and take a “bumpie” together!!! It will be so worth it.

Take a moment to check out some of my past works by visiting my public portfolio at:

If you would like to experience a portrait session for yourself head over to my home page or check out a few of my other blog posts and begin exploring the possibilities!

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