Snug as a Bug: 10 Swaddled Newborns

Swaddled newborn

Did someone say “Swaddled Newborns”?! Who doesn’t love a sweet snuggled up baby? I know as a newborn photographer, the babies themselves LOVE it!! Swaddled newborns are warm, cozy, and feel secure. It’s just an added bonus that they also looks absolutely adorable when all snuggled up.

When it comes to photographing a newborn, there is a wide variety of wrapping techniques that can be used to create several different looks and create variety. Sometimes their cute little arms and legs are visible while other times they are completely bundled up.

Without further to do, here are my favorite ten swaddled newborns:

Tell me, which newborn swaddle is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!! 🙂

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