Newborn Portrait Session: Check List

Newborn portrait session by a phoenix newborn photographer

Feeling stuck on what to bring to your newborn portrait session?

Booking your newborn portrait session is an exciting time. You know that the portraits are going to be perfect and you baby will look so cute and snugly. But now you may be wondering what should you bring to your newborns session. Don’t worry, I created a newborn portrait checklist to help you prepare for the big moment so you know that your session will be a breeze!!

What the Photographer Provides

Most photographers will provide everything you need for baby’s first portrait session. Meaning you don’t need to bring much of your own items, unless you have something special that you want to incorporate into your session. In my own studio, I have just about everything needed to create the perfect newborn portraits that you have in mind. I have wraps, swaddles, outfits, and several different props for baby as well.

Sentimental Items and Keepsakes

These are totally optional but if you have a love that used to be yours as a baby or something that grandma knitted together for baby, definitely bring those!! They will add even more value to your images just by being apart of them. A type of value that can’t be bought with any amount of money. I personally love when clients have special items incorporated into their portraits. Not only does it add value, but it also creates a unique set that is unlike any other.

Baby Bag

I recommend bringing at least two extra diapers than what you might normally travel with. It is best to have more than you need than not enough. Also, be sure to bring plenty of baby wipes. Spit up happens and you might be surprised how well they can clean up your top before family portraits if that happens.

Feeding baby

If baby is bottle fed, be sure to pack those and baby’s food source! Even if you feed baby before you leave, sometimes they need just a little ( or a lot extra). Keeping baby full, warm, and happy is top priority for capturing those sweet sleepy baby portraits. If baby is breast fed, don’t forget extra breast pads! From personal experience, there is nothing more frustrating than a leak that ruins your shirt until you are able to wash it. Also, if you prefer to cover up while feeding, don’t forget to pack your cover too.

For mom, dad, and any siblings

Pack a few snacks and water for yourself as well. As a new parent, breakfast, lunch, or dinner can easily be forgotten with the hustle and bustle of caring for a baby. Make sure you can give yourself the pick up you need! (You’re not you when your hungry!!) Having something to entrain yourself with is important too. Newborn portrait sessions can last up to three hours long. Bring your charger so your phone doesn’t die while playing Monopoly GO!

To download the newborn portrait checklist, click here!

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Newborn portrait session checklist

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