Client Closet: Maternity Gowns

Client closet: Maternity gowns

Maternity Gowns: Two Included With Each Session

There is no need to rush out to buy an expensive maternity gown for your upcoming maternity session that you will only wear once and for less than an hour!! I have plenty of gorgeous gowns in a variety of sizes available to you during your portrait session. An my collection continues to grow constantly, meaning there are lots of options for you to choose from!!! Each session booked with me can use up to two gowns from my collection. Here is a look at my top three most requested maternity gowns:


The pearl is my number one most requested maternity gown, and it’s not mystery as to why that is! It’s beautiful and glamours!! The lace up back allows for many different sizes. The open front split gives the bump plenty of time in the spotlight too!

Luscious Gown:

Feeling fancy? This is the maternity gown for you!! Its actually a robe so this one can also be used for serval different sizes as well!! The many layers for “floof” make it a great option for images with more texture and detail.

Lacey Nude:

This simplistic dress is a beautiful choice for a more neutral set design. It pairs well with other outfits and colors as well making it a great choice for a maternity family portraits!!


See more maternity session by checking out my portfolio page too!

Looking for a more casual look for your maternity portraits? We can do that too!! You would be amazed at how well a simple pair of jeans, sports bra, and white button up can do!! You can even have the best of both worlds by bringing your own casual outfit and pairing it with a client closet maternity gown!!

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